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Search Engine Optimizaton

Search engine optimization allows you to get infront of your ideal clients. To be infront of those actively searching for your product or service.

Using ​SEO allows you to share your message, build brand awareness and drive free organic traffic to your website. Many think that PPC and SEO can't coexist, we say that's foolish thinking. 

Track. Target. Earn.

You've done the hard work of building a website. But you haven't set up your analytics or pixel so that you get more than device and country information. 

If you could get demographics and re-target those that have visited your site why wouldn't you? If you have no clue what analytics or pixels are it's kind of like a Lo-jack for your customers.

All We Do Is Win

What are your goals to increase your revenue over the next few months? Weeks? Days?

  ​Having a strategic plan (not just tactics) will not only get you to your goals but keep you ahead of the changes that happen as new technology & products are developed.

I personally recommend any Amazon SEO work over to the team at Grace DMV SEO because I know they will take care of my referral. Excellent work over at Grace DMV SEO.

John Victoria
CEO Polianna SEO

Juanita is a true professional. She is very creative and has top level skills when it comes to SEO. Her work ethic is second to none. Juanita knows how to drive traffic to your website, turning into a lead generating machine. I strongly recommend Juanita for any SEO project you may have. Highly recommended.

Andrea Preece,

Business Coach

Professionalism is top notch and they get the job done! I would recommend Grace DMV SEO any day to anyone who needs online marketing services! Thank you so much!


Above are just a few of the testimonials that have been sent to me from my peers and clients that I’ve worked with. If you’d like to see the rest please click here.

What Sets Us Apart

The problem with most SEO companies in this area is that they outsource your business to a company overseas. So the local company you thought you were doing business with is really an individual located in another country. We take care of our clients in house. Giving you a real person to discuss winning strategies with for your business.

  • In-house staff, specialized in multiple areas of marketing
  • Strategic plans that fit your business, not generic tactics.
  • Constantly researching and testing strategies with new technology.
  • Educated by Facebook Blueprint & Google on their latest techniques and strategies. 

How We Compare

Top ranked SEO in DMV

Number #1 without spending a dime on Google Adwords!

Marketing is building bridges, developing connections, and solving problems. Let’s be problem solvers.

Grace DMV SEO site audit

We’re Grace DMV SEO, a creative digital marketing agency located in the heart of National Harbor, MD. We get you in front of your targeted customers through free search engine ads (Google, Bing, or Yahoo) or using pay per click advertising. We combine the core concepts of marketing with the latest in technology to provide unique and professional solutions within a wide variety of distribution channels.

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Working With Grace DMV SEO

With Grace, here are some of the things we can do to help grow your business:

  • Maximize your marketing dollars
  • Expand your base audience
  • How to get a Google Grant to grow your Non-profit​
  • Increase the LTV (lifetime value) of a customer
  • Improve AOV (average order value) with online stores
  • Increase visibility on multiple Search Engines
  • Capitalize on PPC (active) and SEO (passive) to generate higher returns
  • Explode your business with sales funnels
  • Reduce ad spend with bots while increasing revenue

Growth Starts Here

We understand. You've been through your fair share of "SEO agencies". Who promise you the world but leave you smelling like a cow farm. We don't plan on giving you the world. Just our guarantee that we will work hard, provide you with strategies that are meant for growth now and into the future, and clear reports to see how far you've come. 

Ready To Get Started?

Book a strategy session today and let's see how we can 2x-5x your leads. Our strategy sessions are one hour and jam packed so be prepared by completing the client intake form.  All participants walk away with a game plan that allows them to complete their journey with one of our four solutions: Courses (DIY: Do-It-Yourself), Group Coaching & 1-on-1 Consultation (DWY: Done With You) or Service For Fee (DFY: Done For You).

Let's Get Started!​

Learn how to keep your marketing ahead of the game. Each article has specific tactics or strategies. That when used, help to grow your brand/business. Are you ready to scale? Have you implemented the foundation to build on? Are you new to marketing and looking to gain knowledge? Welcome you've arrived in the right spot at the right time. Let's bring back positive ROIs and amazing customer service.

Don't Miss Out On The Easiest Way To 2x Open Rates And Leads!

​Watch our Bot training webinar live where we discuss how to:

  • ​choose the best bot for your business or brand
  • build bot funnels
  • getting ready for the 2017 holidays
  • how to boost opt-in and open rates with this simple tool
  • how even a pig seller is using bots to capture leads and sell, yes - pigs​!